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Lifelong Professional Training in Today’s Romania/ Formarea profesională continuă în România de azi

„Meseria, brățara de aur a șomerilor din România într-o piață comună europeană?”
Hosted by SCA Bulboaca & Asociații
(The subject and discussion does not reflect the opinion of SCA Bulboaca si Asociatii)
10 March 2016, 18:00-21:00
Many voices (economists, European Union and World Bank experts, Romanian and foreign entrepreneurs, multinationals, consumers, etc.) deplore he rarity, low skills or even the lack of good professionals in various fields, from agriculture to retail, from arts and crafts to high technology. Old, new, and emerging reasons account for this situation, from the never-ending changes in the educational system to the massive emigration (and almost zero immigration/ remigration). What is the Government doing to address and possibly solve these problems? What is the private sector doing? What are the results, the prospects, the policies, the legislation, the projects, the visions?
Invited speakers:
Claudia-Ana Costea, Ministry of Labor, Family, and Social Protection of Romania, www.mmuncii.ro (tbc)
Adrian Curaj, Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, www.edu.ro (tbc)
Ligia Deca, State Advisor for Education, Presidential Administration (tbc)
Tiberiu Dobrescu, President of ANC (National Qualifications Authority)
Cezar Corâci, President, UGIR1903
Iacob Baciu, President, Confederația Sindicatelor Democratice din România
Petru Sorin Dandrea, vice-president Confederația Națională Sindicală „Cartel Alfa“
Doru Costin, president Blocul Național Sindicale (tbc)
Werner Braun, President, www.dwk.ro
Teofil Teaha, www.teaha.ro
Sorin Antohi, historian
Distinguished invited speakers, as well as a select audience of professionals—academics, business leaders, public intellectuals, politicians, diplomats, media personalities, etc. – engage in an informal dialogue on the forces and challenges that shape the world we live in – in a medium and long-term perspective.
The working language is Romanian, while interventions in English and other languages are welcome.
The series opened on 14 December 2015 with a debate in English on Crisis, Unrest, and Change in 2015 Romania, introduced by Sorin Antohi and moderated by him and Alex Todericiu on behalf of Export Club. Invited speakers: Vintilă Mihăilescu, Lazăr Vlăsceanu, Cătălin Augustin Stoica, and Liviu Chelcea, reputed scholars from the University of Bucharest and the National School of Political Sciences and Administration (SNSPA). We have continued on 27 January 2016 with a debate on The Rush Towards Another Romania? How Do We Turn Brain Drain in Brain (Re)Gain? Interventions: Sandra Pralong, State Advisor, Romanian Presidency Department for the Relation to the Romanians Abroad; Marius Raul Bostan, Minister of Communications and for the Information Society; Dragoș Anastasiu, CEO, Eurolines Group; Felix Tătaru, President, IAA Worldwide, George Butunoiu, Head Hunter, President of Clubul Politic; Sorin Antohi, historian. Moderator: Alex Todericiu, political analyst. The third dialogue took place on 24 February 2016, and tackled the topic, ANAF, Romania’s Tax Authority: Between the Scylla of Corruption and the Charybdis of Bureaucracy, with interventions by: Gabriel Biriș, State Secretary, Ministry of Public Finances, Iulian Ardeleanu, general director ANAF, HE Gerhard Reiweger, Ambassador of Austria, Marius Stoian, Sebastian I. Burduja, Teofil Teaha, www.teaha.ro; Christina Stihhi, lawyer; Cezar Corâci, president www.ugir1903.ro; Cristian Halmajan, EY Vienna; Dragos Neacsu, CEO SAI ERSTE Asset Management SA; Nawaf Salameh, president Alexandrion Group; George Butunoiu, president „Clubul Politic”, head hunter; Barbu Mateescu, sociologist; Sorin Antohi (introduction). Moderator: Alex Todericiu.
We hope to see you soon by the fireplace.
Export Club