Invitație evenimente luna iunie 2017

Doamnelor și Domnilor,
Dragi prieteni,

Cu salutări cordiale, vă invit la o întîlnire cu profesorul Gregory Claeys (Royal Holloway, Londra) pe tema de mai sus. Găsiți în continuare și atașat detaliile evenimentului, primul din seria Idei în Agora Ideas in the Agorape care am inițiat-o la Muzeul Municipiului București. Sper să ne revedem uneori și în acest cadru.

Sorin Antohi

Muzeul Municipiului București vă invită să participați miercuri 21 iunie 2017, ora 19:30, la Casa Filipescu-Cesianu la un dialog public despre „Marx și Marxism: Utopie, Distopie, Istorie”, susținut în limba engleză, între Gregory Claeys de la Royal Holloway, Londra, Regatul Unit, Președinte al Societății de Studii Utopice, și Sorin Antohi, Asociația „Orbis Tertius”/„A treia lume”. Evenimentul face parte dintr-o serie de întâlniri cu participare internațională – Idei în Agora – coordonată de Dl. Sorin Antohi.Intrarea este 10 lei. În preţ este inclusă vizitarea expoziţiilor de la Casa Filipescu-Cesianu, în termen de 30 zile.Despre Idei în AgoraProgram dedicat analizei spiritului public, realizat de Muzeul Municipiului București în parteneriat cu Asociația Orbis Tertius / A Treia Lume. Întâlnirile au formate diferite (conferințe, colocvii, seminarii, dezbateri publice), propunând un dialog viu și deschis între curente, mișcări, personalități, viziuni despre lume, teorii, ideologii aflate în consens, rezonanță, tensiune ori conflict.
Intelectualii publici și universitarii, politicienii și oamenii de afaceri, studenții, întregul public educat încearcă astfel să înțeleagă împreună lumea în care trăiesc. În singurul mod posibil: prin dezbaterea critică a ideilor.


The Bucharest Municipality Museum invites you to come to the Filipescu-Cesianu House on June 21st 2017, 19:30, and take part in a public dialogue on ” Marx and Marxism: Utopia, Dystopia, History”, held in English, between Gregory Claeys from the Royal Holloway, London, U.K., and Sorin Antohi, from the „Orbis Tertius” / „A treia lume” Association. The event is part of a series of conferences, dialogues and presentations – a project titled Ideas in the Agora, coordinated by Mr. Sorin Antohi.

Comments and questions from the floor are cordially encouraged.

Entry is 10 lei, and the ticket includes a pass to visit the exhibitions at the Filipescu-Cesianu House, within a period of 30 days.

Marx and Marxism: Utopia, Dystopia, History

The almost perfect coincidence of three anniversaries, 1516 (the publication of Thomas More’s Utopia), 1818 (the birth of Marx) and 1917 (the Russian Revolution), provokes renewed reflection on the nature of the utopian, dystopian, and historical dimensions of Marx and Marxism. This dialogue starts from the Morean (classically utopian) conception of sociability; asks to what degree Marx accepted or built on it; then questions how far Lenin and Bolshevism conformed to or departed from Marx’s ideals. It looks at modern despotisms of all sorts and their ambivalent utopian or downright dystopian dimensions. Finally, it addresses the problem of Marx’s relevance to the 21st century, and concludes that if anything it is the utopian rather than the „scientific” components in Marx which remain pertinent in an era of advancing mechanization and a „post-work” economy.

Gregory Claeys was born in France and educated in Canada and the United Kingdom. He has taught in Germany and the U.S. and since 1992 has been Professor of the History of Political Thought at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is the author of Machinery, Money and the Millennium: From Moral Economy to Socialism (Princeton University Press, 1987), Citizens and Saints: Politics and Anti-Politics in Early British Socialism (Cambridge University Press, 1989), Thomas Paine: Social and Political Thought (Unwin Hyman, 1989); The French Revolution Debate in Britain (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007), Imperial Skeptics: British Critics of Empire, 1850–1920 (Cambridge University Press, 2010), Searching for Utopia: the History of an Idea (Thames & Hudson, 2011; German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese editions), and Mill and Paternalism (Cambridge University Press, 2013). He has edited The Cambridge Companion to Utopian Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and (with Gareth Stedman Jones) The Cambridge History of Nineteenth Century Political Thought (Cambridge University Press, 2011), as well as some fifty volumes of primary sources and edited essays. His latest book, Dystopia: A Natural History (Oxford University Press) was published in 2016. The next, A Pelican Introduction to Marx and Marxism, will be published in 2018. He is editor of the series, „Palgrave Studies in Utopianism” (Palgrave Macmillan) and is coordinator of the Utopolis project of European utopian bibliography, translation and republication.

Sorin Antohi was born in 1957, and he is a historian of ideas, essayist, translator, and consultant based in Bucharest, where he has established (2007) the Orbis Tertius / A Treia Lume Association, specialized in conferences and publications. He has studied English, French (University of Iași, Romania), and History (EHESS, Paris). He has taught mainly at the University of Michigan, the University of Bucharest, and the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest (where he has also served as Academic Pro-Rector and has founded Pasts, Inc. Center for Historical Studies). He has conducted research at universities, institutes of advanced study and other institutions in Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Bielefeld, Braunschweig, Stanford, Vienna, Essen, Berlin, Leipzig. He has lectured, participated in, (co)organized conferences, (co)directed academic projects in more than thirty countries. Among others, he has served as a member of the Board of the International Committee of Historical Studies, as well as on various editorial and foundation boards. He has published widely on intellectual history, history of ideas, historical theory and history of historiography, as well as on Romania in European contexts. His main publications on Utopianism are Utopica. Studii asupra imaginarului social (1991, revised and enlarged in 2005—in Romanian) and Imaginaire culturel et réalité historique dans la Roumanie moderne. Le stigmate et l’utopie (1999). With Jörn Rüsen and Chun-chieh Huang, he edits the book series, Reflections on In(Humanity), published jointly by Vandenhoek & Ruprecht and National Taiwan University Press.


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Utopia and Revolution
Sinaia, Romania, June 22-25, 2017
Conveners: Sorin Antohi, Gregory Claeys
Part of the series, The Royal Coloquia, under the auspices of the Royal Family of Romania
Organizer: Asociația Orbis Tertius / A Treia Lume

Partners: Aaylex, Direcția Județeană pentru Cultură Iași, Forum Auto, Fundația Spandugino, Trivium. Revistă de gîndire simbolică, New Europe College
In 2016, scholars around the world have celebrated five centuries since the publication of Thomas More’s Utopia, the epitome of a timeless (and, self-ironically, spaceless) exercice sur les possibles latéraux (to use Raymond Ruyer’s felicitous phrase). A form of speculative fiction, a social theory, a metahistorical trope, a countercultural discourse, a blueprint, an ideology (pace Karl Mannheim), a practice (and so on) that can be traced back at least to Plato, Utopia as we knew it seems to have run its course, and may be in need of fresh impulses. In 2017, we remember 1917, one of the most complex and momentous of all revolutions, both the consequence and starting point of yet another global quest for utopia which was to end for most in 1989/1991 at the latest, after a tragic encounter with dystopia.
To discuss all of the above and more—such as the kindred streams of history, religion, millennialism, reform, fiction, fantasy, science fiction, etc.–, an interdisciplinary colloquium is convened in Sinaia, under the auspices of the Royal Family of Romania.

Thursday, June 22
Transfers to Sinaia
20:30 Dinner
Friday, June 23
8:00-12:00 Trip to Bran Castle
12:45 Awarding of the Cantemir Annual Award, Peleș Castle (Florentine Hall)
13:00 Lunch hosted by HRH Prince Radu of Romania at Peleș Castle (State Dining Hall)
16:00-18:15 Ideology, (Secular) Religion, and Fiction
Moderator: Sorin Antohi
Gregory Claeys, Utopia and Revolution: The Case of Marx
Moshe Idel, Messianism: Between Evolution and Revolution
Artur Blaim, Utopian Fictions: Before and After Revolutions
18:15-18:30 Break
18:30-19:15 Revolution, Utopia, and the Novel
Stelian Tănase, Old Nick: A Fairy Tale of the Twentieth Century. A novel translated into English by Jean Harris. Introduction by Sorin Antohi, reading by the translator, comments by the author, discussion.
19:30 Dinner
Saturday, June 24
9:00-11:00 Utopias (from the Land) of the Undead
Moderator: Artur Blaim
Ștefan Borbély, Utopian Thinking in Transylvania: German and Hungarian Case Studies
Mariano Martín Rodríguez, What If They Returned? Collective Human Resurrection as an Ambiguously Utopian Revolution in Modern Secular Speculative Fiction
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-13:30 The 1989 Revolutions and Their Aftermath
Moderator: Stelian Tănase
Tilo Schabert, The German Revolution of 1989-1990: A European Experience
Michael Shafir, Return to Anti-Utopia in Post-communist East Central Europe
13:30-15:00 Lunch
15:00-17:00 Utopia, Revolution, and History
Moderator: Michael Shafir
Eduardo Nolla, Utopia Realized: Political Theory and Democracy
Sorin Antohi, Utopia and Revolution: (Failed) Escapes from History
17:15-18:00 Concluding Remarks
Moderator: Gregory Claeys
19:00 Dinner
Sunday, June 25

1. Sorin Antohi (Bucharest)
2. Artur Blaim (Gdańsk)
3. Ștefan Borbély (Cluj-Napoca)
4. Gregory Claeys (London)
5. Jean Harris (Drăghici, Argeș)
6. Moshe Idel (Jerusalem)
7. Mariano Martín Rodríguez (Brussels)
8. Eduardo Nolla (Madrid)
9. Tilo Schabert (Munich)
10. Michael Shafir (Cluj-Napoca)
11. Stelian Tănase (Bucharest)